Daisy + Hen Giant Easter Hunt 2018

Easter Saturday morning has become a tradition at Daisy + Hen; our second ever Giant Easter Hunt went off with a big chocolatey bang last weekend.

Wowee you guys blew us away – we gave out 243 maps & goodie bags to little people, with many more big people & some even littler pram sized people joining in on the fun too - we think all up almost 500 of you came to play.

Eager hunt-goers started arriving just after 9 and were treated to face painting by the [super speedy] Chelsea Mylchreest, who somehow, possibly with superhero powers, managed to ensure that Every. Single. Kiddo had a turn. 

The pavement was awash with chalk drawings & our windows were full of Easter colouring in. By 10am the line up was down the street & around the corner and excitement was peaking.

After last year’s massive [unexpected] turnout, we were organised and prepared, and it only took about 10 minutes to get you all off and hunting.

Mother nature provided the most delightful-perfect hunting-sunshining morning and the Tanunda Traders so generously provided loads of fun along the trail. Our little Main Street was packed with the *cheeriest* most beautiful families.

Special shout out to Beans & Cream for serving ice creams & treats to every single hunter – because if you can’t have an Icecream at 10am on Easter Saturday, then when can you?

And Barossa Sandwich Bar who managed to track down the actual Easter Bunny on his busiest weekend of the year & bring him to Tanunda for us!


At D+H we were so busy spreading Easter Joy & giving out [and eating] 3276 mini Easter Eggs we didn’t even get a team photo [or a boomerang – we do love a good D+H boomerang] but my amazing girls Miki & Simone + special hoppy helper Alice were the best & handled the craziness like the legends they are.

Oh and the icing on the cake?

We raised $249 for the MAKE A WISH foundation. To thank everyone for your Easter generosity we are going to add $51 to that total and make it $300!

We want to thank you all for coming along and being involved. We feel really proud of this humble little [actually quite big] community event and the joy it brings to not just the participants but also the traders and our town on Easter Saturday. The atmosphere was amazing and I know it totally got me feeling like it was really Easter.

Lock Easter Saturday 2019 in your diary – we are already planning how we can make it better again!

Big Love,

The D+H girls xo

As promised we have some prizes to give away too:

If your photo has been shared in this blog – it came from our socials #daisyandheneaster2018 & we would love to treat you with a store voucher! We have contacted you on social media.

For completing the hunt & returning your map - we couldn’t choose just one, there were so many!

Bailey [4.5], Skyler [so close to 3] & Aleaha [2 & had the cutest bunny ears!] – your Mama’s have been contacted.

Gina Britton
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