Babe's First Christmas Gift Guide

Babe's First Christmas Gift Guide

There’s something so magical about a little babe’s first Christmas.

Whether they are 1 week or 51 weeks old, the first time you celebrate Christmas with your own little person just feels so much more magical.

We love the idea of gifting your little babe something extra special for their first Christmas. Not just something they will love and treasure for the year (and years) ahead, but also a timeless keepsake for the years to come.

We’ve curated our best ever collection of beautiful gifts [in all price points] that we think are just perfect for a babe’s first Christmas. We hope you love them as much as we do.


A Ride On or Push Along Toy

Starting with the Ride on Reindeer, and golly gosh I just don’t know if this one can be topped! It’s a Deer, so naturally it’s the perfect Christmas gift (just imagine how instaworthy this beauty will look under the tree!) Georgia from Glenelg says it perfectly: “Depending on their age they may still be too little to ride it, but I like to think that Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get the key toys they are going to use for the next year”

And this is a beauty, it’s the kind of toy that is made to last forever, just like all the others in the collection. There are so many to choose from.
You can see our full range of Ride Ons & Push Alongs here.


A keepsake doll

We love these beautiful keepsake dolls as a special gift. These are exquisite décor for the nursery, and also in a ‘big girls room’ in years to come (if you choose to keep it special and out of reach) But they are also designed to be loved and would make the perfect doll for treasuring now too. The fabric dressed dolls will be a little sturdier and the tulle style ones are just a little more precious. We have a huge range of these from sparkly princesses to boho beauties.

You can see the full range here


A wooden heirloom vehicle

Like our dolls, these vehicles make the most beautiful heirloom gifts. The quality is amazing, and they are absolutely designed to be loved and played with (read: wheeled and driven all over the house) These are the kind of toys that will hold up to that for many years. They are the ones that outlast the childhood and get packed away with the most treasured things. You know the box that Nana has filled with toys from your parents childhood? These wooden vehicles end up in that box. And one day you’ll be the Nana and you’ll be telling your Grandie how you got this truck for your babe’s first Christmas.

See the full range of these beautiuful vehicles here


A Dinkum Doll

The Dinkum Dolls truly are the best mate for your little babe. They are made from the softest, snuggliest cotton outer, making them perfect for all that life entails. They feature the sweetest embroidered details, from their eyes and mouth, to the little rainbow over their heart.

It’s up to your child to choose who their Dinkum doll is, and with their loveable faces, posable bodies and huggable selves, there is no end to the fun and imaginative play ahead. We love these as ‘the doll’ for your babe’s childhood. The one they love the most and the one that accompanies them on allllll the adventures (that you can’t leave home without – sorry!)  We love everything about these, especially all the beautiful doll things that go with them. May we suggest a Strolley, A cot or even a doll bassinet!

Haley from Tanunda says: “I’m quite sentimental and these little dolls remind me so much of the doll I had as an 80’s child. I still have mine and so I will definitely be getting Mahli one to match”

See! Case in point, Haley treasured her doll so much she still has it! Dinkums will be this doll for your little one.

You can see our huge range of dolls & accessories here


A Special Jellycat & Book

There’s a reason we share the Jellycats nearly everyday. They are truly so loved by everyone and for good reason. With the softest, most tactile fur they are a sensory delight. They soothe, calm and offer comfort for little babes. With a huge range of creatures there is something for every babe (or every nursery theme!) Whether you go with a small one for a stocking filler or a big one for a real keepsake, this is a toy that will be so treasured over the years.

May we also suggest this is a great suggestion for a relative to gift too. We all know from experience how much our littles LOVE these, and yours will too.

 Check out all of our amazing Jellycats here (we are the biggest stockist in SA!)


A Wheely Bug

So much fun! And cute (back to that Instaworthy Christmas tree!) Coral from Tanunda gifted her little Esme one last year and says: “Esme absolutely loved hers and used it so much more than I ever thought she would. Even now at 2.5 she gets around on it, and it’s often a part of her imaginary play world too”

Developmentally these are bang on perfect for that 10-12 month mark, and are truly something your little one will get so much joy from.

The wheely bugs are here with all the other amazing Ride Ons & Push Alongs.


A Roly Poly Koala

“Toys” in the sense of things an under 1 babe will interact with are a bit limited, but we’ve put together a little collection of interactive toys designed specifically for this age. Including the cutest Koala ever! Last Christmas Mumma Merf’s 4th babe was a wee 1 month old and this was her gift. Cassie says: “It was so perfect for her, especially for encouraging tummy time. The moving face and sweet chime kept her engaged. She still uses it now (just turned 1) as a cause and effect toy. She gives it a little push and watches it rock back”

You can see our little collection of toys designed for little babes here


The Giant Noah’s Ark

This one is truly larger than life. The most beautiful keepsake wooden toy that is truly an heirloom & made to keep forever (and hand down) This is a toy you will never part with!

The ark will take your breath away & captivate your babe's imagination - open ended imaginative play at it's absolute finest. We can guarantee your little person will be playing with this well into their school years.

This is the bees knees of our wooden toy range!

If you love the idea of the Ark but want to go for something a little smaller, theres lots of others in the range. You can see them all here


If you have any questions please hit us up via Social Media, email our team on or call our stores (Tanunda: 0885630116 Glenelg: 0882940056)

We would be so thrilled to help you choose the perfect gift for your babe's first Christmas.

Wishing you the most magical festive season ahead.

Gina & the Daisy and Hen team xo

Gina Britton
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New Pyjamas for Christmas Eve

New Pyjamas for Christmas Eve

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year and for me it's the Adelaide Christmas Pageant that signifies the start of the season. With the Pageant on this coming week, it's time for us to release the first of our Christmas Gifting guides for 2019: New Pyjamas For Christmas Eve.

I adore this Christmas tradition I've created with my little family. There's just nothing like freshly bathed babes with twinkling eyes, in new fresh PJ's marveling in the wonder and magic of Christmas Eve. For us Christmas Eve is neighbourhood walks to see Christmas Lights followed by a Christmas Movie & a Fruit Platter (& a sparkling wine for me). All done in our new PJ's. They are soft, lush and cosy and of course clean. It feels peaceful & calming to wear them and they look great in photos! And then you get to wake up to the magic of Christmas Day in your new jams (more photos!)
Plus we love a gift that's practical, and new PJ's in December will see you right through Summer.

My team and I have carefully curated our collection of Summer Pyjamas to meet the highest standards of quality, style and value. These are brands we know, love and have road tested.

The comfiest styles made from the lushest, gentlest and most durable fabrics. The Pyjamas & the memories will last far longer than the mince pies.

Wilson + Frenchy 100% Organic Cotton Short Sleeve Pyjama Sets.
These come beautifully packaged in their own matching fabric bag.

These sets are only $34.95 and come in sizes 2-7.

There are loads of options in the baby sizes too, because nothing is cuter than matching babes, especially at Christmas.

Whether you like muted, pastels & monochrome or something a bit brighter and colourful, we have styles to suit your little person.

You can see the full range here.

We know you'll love them 
Gina xo

Gina Britton
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Daisy & Hen 2018 Stocking Filler Edit

Daisy & Hen 2018 Stocking Filler Edit

Our best 12 Christmas Stocking fillers all under $15!
Gina Britton
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