Buying a beanie for Winter 2020

Buying a beanie for Winter 2020

Just ‘cos it’s Winter your kiddo doesn’t suddenly become an inside creature right? Stir craziness hits all time highs around July when the seemingly eternal cold weather makes outdoor adventures seem too hard. Especially when your little persons usual act is to de-robe their layers after 3 mins on the playground #ammiright? And just ‘cos it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you want to skip your morning walk, even if you have a teeny babe in tow.

The solution to all your Winter problems (ok maybe not all, but, ya know some) is to get your babe sorted with a beanie! During Winter our heads are usually the only part of our body left exposed, and for that reason we lose most of our body heat via said noggins. Beanie equals lost body heat problem solved.

Beanies are also a super cool fash’ accessory. Our beanies are practical of course, but are also stylish (and great value, but we don’t want to brag) We’ve got beanies even your biggest little kiddo will be happy to wear.

But choosing a beanie is hard? What type to choose? Will it fit my child’s man-sized head? Won’t they just pull it off? It makes their head itchy / hot / sweaty etc.

That’s where we come in. Your trusty advisors for all things baby & kiddo. We have lots of babes between us (therefor lots of beanies) and we have road tested alllll the brands. Our beanie collection is epic. A one stop shop if you like. We are self proclaimed beanie experts.

You can jump right ahead and see all our beanies clicking here or read on for our run down on choosing a beanie:

If you have a newborn or a teeny babe, may we suggest a cotton hat for around home, car trips and going out and about without actually being outside. Teeny babes can’t regulate their own body temperature and during Winter a soft, gentle hat made from natural fibres will help them stay cosy warm (and look cute). Especially when they’re sleeping and they aren’t snuggled up against your body. Plus photo’s of your babe in a sweet little hat will be some of your faves to look back on. Check them out here

If you are heading out and about, you will want something a bit warmer for your baby. We have a HUGE range of beanies that are just perfect! First up the Wilson & Frenchy knit beanies are a Cotton x Wool x Bamboo blend and honestly, they are heaven. This natural fibre blend is gentle, breathable (thanks Cotton) and crazy soft (thanks Bamboo) but till super warm (thanks to that little bit of wool) These beanies are generously sized and the style is slouchy. They have a great amount of stretch, so there’s no need to size up. Go by the age size and you should be right. You can see them here

Second, we love the Toshi range. These are Organic Cotton – which makes them super, super gentle. Great for hot little heads, and babes with sensitive skin. Use the size guide in the product, but you can size up with Toshi. The style is a bit more structured as not as generous or stretchy. Shop them here


If it’s super cold where you live, we highly recommend this Handmade Merino Wool blend, chunky knit beanie range. Merino wool is super warm, and these will keep heads nice and toasty. The come in baby to big kid sizes & the matching mittens and Scarves are super cute too! These beanies are true to size, and unless your babe is particularly petite or bigger you can go their usual size. They are quite chunky and sizing up unnecessarily will bother them (trust me, learned the hard way)

If you are looking for a beanie for a bigger kiddo, we have some super stylish & fun ones to choose from. While still being warm and practical if you “growing up too fast” kiddo is starting to have more say than you would like, we think these beanies will do the trick. The Kapow beanies are super warm, hot heads will not love these ones as much. BUT if you’re in a cold cold climate – you’re onto a winner with these! The styles are COOL and the sizing is true. But with the earmuffs we don’t suggest sizing up. Hello Stranger beanies are for the super cool older kiddos. The sizing is generous and stretchy and if you grab one of these we’ll even throw in a Tote Bag.

If your little person is a hot little bod prone to heating up easily OR has a sensitive head, we suggest the Toshi 100% organic cotton range. The fibres are natural, gentle and importantly breathable. They’ll feel comfortable to wear & while keeping them warm, they won’t make them too hot.

Question about sizing? We’ve tried to give as much info in the product descriptions as we can, but if you need any further help get in touch via email, Instagram / FB DM or call one of our stores. All contact info is here.

We hope you find what you’re looking for, and we’d love you to share your Winter adventures feat. Beanies by tagging us @daisyandhen

Big love,

Gina and the team x