Christmas Gift Guide: Babe's First Christmas

Christmas Gift Guide: Babe's First Christmas

There is something so magical about a little babe’s first Christmas ✨

There are so many moments to treasure. The first time putting up the tree together, the first Christmas Carols you listen to together and the first time you experience the waking up on Christmas morning together after Santa has been [and hopefully after a nice sound sleep]. You get to create your own Christmas traditions for your own family - such joy!

We know the importance of choosing something just right for that first Christmas gift. And so we've created this gift guide to help you.

Whether buying for your own child or maybe for a niece, nephew or special fam friend. Whether you want something practical, functional or an heirloom [or all of the above - we are picky too!] We’ve put our collective Mama heads together [we have 16 children between us here at DH!] & we have curated our best ever collection of beautiful gifts [in all price points] that we think are just perfect for a babe’s first Christmas.

We hope you love them as much as we do and we wish you a magical festive season ahead. And Mama make sure you jump in the special photos too.

Gina and the DH team ❤🎅

A ride on + push along toy

The perfect developmental toy for when they are starting to find their feet and need a little help [usually around 9-12 months] Our Ride on & Push Alongs are carefully chosen because they are practical and they are made to last forever. 

They promote fine and gross motor skills and provide endless opportunity for cognitive development. Your little person will love them long beyond learning to walk.

1. The Ride on Reindeer #obvs, and golly jolly gosh I just don’t know if this one can be topped as a First Christmas Gift! We've started with the best and OK that's the end of the blog, thanks for reading.

Jks. It’s a Deer 🦌 so naturally it’s the perfect first Christmas gift (just imagine how instaworthy this beauty will look under the tree!) Depending on their age at they may still be too little to ride it, but Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get the key developmental toys they are going to grow into and use for the next year. Plus think of the Christmas photos!

2. A wheely bug! These are the sweetest little characters and they have castor wheels - meaning they can be pushed and manoeuvred in any direction without the comprehension of "steering" they work on all floor coverings, and they are nice and low to the ground. Perfect if they're still a little wobbly. Developmentally these are bang on perfect for that 10-12 month mark, and are truly something your little one will get so much joy from. Coral from Tanunda gifted her little Esme one for her first Christmas a few years back and says: “Esme absolutely loved hers and used it so much more than I ever thought she would. Even up to the age of 2.5 - 3 she got around on it, and it’s often a part of her imaginary play world too even now”

3. A Tiny Toy 2 in 1 trike. For indoor or outdoor use. These are sturdy little trikes, which convert to 2 wheeler bikes. Super light weight. Adjustable seat height and padded steering (so it bounces right back) Add on a basket or crate & they are set. Suitable for 12-36 months - this is a gift that will keep on giving.

Here's my little H on his first Christmas [he is actually born on NYE, and so was basically 1 for his first Chrismas] - for his first Christmas, he got a Kinderfeet Tiny Tot! and I am not kidding when I say he rode it until he was 3 😅 These are featured

You can see our full range of Ride Ons & Push Alongs here

An heirloom keepsake gift

When you want to give the most special, keepsake gift that will be treasured forever. These are the gifts that are as beautiful as they are functional. Beautiful decor pieces in their own right, that will become firm faves in the playroom in years to come too. Designed to last forever but still be used and loved for now.

1. The Wonder Wagon. Handmade from natural rattan - this is beautiful nursery decor and storage. And then over the years the perfect cart for collecting and transporting treasures. A timeless piece that will be passed through the generations.

2. A Strolley. The classic rattan pram will never go out of styles. As with the Wagon - we adore this as decor & storage, before your little person can use it in their play. Another piece that will be treasure forever.

3. A giant special Jellycat like Finley the bear. One of the big ones that are a bit larger than life, and probably larger than your little person too! Guaranteed to be a best little bud for the years to come.

4. A Noah's Ark Wooden Toy. These Arks will captivate your babe's imagination - open ended imaginative play at it's absolute finest. We can guarantee your little person will be playing with this well into their school years. Arks are open ended, and will integrate will all the toys. They foster creativity, story telling and problem solving. These will be amazing decor until the time is right to pull it out for play.

You can see the full range of our specially chosen heirlooms here

 A First Toy

“Toys” in the sense of activities an under 1 babe will interact with are a bit limited, but we’ve put together a little collection of interactive toys designed specifically for this age. Some of these are 18 month plus, but we also like the idea of gifting them a toy they will grow into.

This collection of interactive toys for the littlest babes, perfect for the early stages of development. Encouraging stacking, sorting, colour recognition, problem solving, fine motor skills and more.

We have carefully select toys that are of the highest quality, made with safe and sustainable materials. These toys are made to last, and these are the heirloom pieces that will be played with for generations to come.

You can see our little collection of toys designed for little babes here

Our top picks are:

1. The Roly Poly's Perfect for tummy time & learning to crawl, these bobbly around but never fall over all while making the sweetest tinkling sound.

2. Tikiri natural rubber animals. They are teethers, bath toys, graspers and rattles and they are super cute! 

3. Trixie finger puppets. A super fun way to interact with a little person, before they are able to play with toys themselves.

4. Trixie Wooden toy [infact, the whole Trixie range is pretty incred & all mixes and matches too]

A little Bestie - a Dozy Dinkum.

The Dozy Dinkums have been one of the most popular products of the year and not to be alarmist but by some Christmas miracle THEY ARE IN STOCK. 

These are your baby’s first baby and lifelong friend with the perfect amount of squish for cuddles and play. They are soft, and suitable from birth. All the Dozy Dinkums are posable, made from the softest cotton outer, and the perfect first toy and keepsake.

Dozy Dinkums feature the sweetest embroidered face with a tuft of hair and wear a non-removable onesie with a rainbow over the heart.

Shop the Dozys here.


A Special Jellycat & Book

There’s a reason we share the Jellycats on our Instagram stories nearly everyday [and why they have a whole wall dedicated to them in our stores!]. They are truly so loved by everyone and for good reason. With the softest, most tactile fur they are a sensory delight. They soothe, calm and offer comfort for little babes. With a huge range of creatures there is something for every babe (or every nursery theme!) Whether you go with a small one for a stocking filler or a big one for a real keepsake, this is a toy that will be so treasured over the years. We've chosen out fave Jellycats & books here

May we also suggest this is a great suggestion for a relative to gift too. We all know from experience how much our littles LOVE these, and yours will too.

Check out all of our amazing Jellycat range [we are the biggest stockist in Australia![

Our top picks:

1. Odell the Octopus & the Fearless Octopus

2. Berta the Bee & If I were a Bee Book

3. Bashful Puppy & the Puppy Makes Mischief Board Book 

We have the best range, and if all else fails - a Jellycat is a WINNER!
Shop the whole range here:

Something practical

Sometimes you want to give a gift that is just practical. Maybe this baby who is having their first Christmas has many older siblings, who already have all the things. Maybe minimalism is your thing. Or maybe you just want to give a good practical gift! Here are our top picks:

1. A swimming nappy & a swim hat! Essential items for babies in an Aussie Summer! Our baby swim pieces have full UV protection and are made from the finest quality fabrication that is fast drying, chlorine and salt water friendly. The hats are adjustable and the nappies are reusable.

2. A cute Paci / Dummy clip. If the little person takes a dummy, then a dummy clip is a must have. Our range is functional, safe and sweet!

3. A backpack & drink bottle. Trixie does it again - this range is adorable! Maybe in the year ahead your little person will be heading off to child care, or days with Nanny - and they will need these things!

4. Sandals! Baby's first shoes is a special milestone, and we have a great range of podiatrist endorsed baby shoes - that are as beautiful as they are functional. They come beautifully gift boxed too, making them the perfect gift.


Browse all of our "practical gift" suggestions here.

We would be so thrilled to help you choose the perfect gift for your babe's first Christmas. And if you need any help choosing you can reach us at any of our stores, or via email and all the contact details are here.

Wishing you the most magical festive season ahead.

Gina & the Daisy and Hen team xo