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Daisy & Hen 2018 Stocking Filler Edit

Daisy & Hen 2018 Stocking Filler Edit

As we approach our 4th Christmas with a little person, I have been reflecting on the wonderful traditions we have created.

From putting the tree up on Pageant Day (hands up if you’re from Adelaide!) to the annual Santa photo, Christmas lights & Christmas Carols, watching alllll the Christmas movies while having a Baileys & wrapping the gifts and of course Fruit Mince Tarts & Champagne for Christmas Day breakfast!

These traditions are what makes Christmas so magical for us and what I hope will be the memories Henry will cherish when he is older..

But maybe my fave of all, is waking up to a jam packed stocking on Christmas morning . They bring pure joy and I adore choosing all the fun little things to fill them.  

Seeing our stockings hanging near the tree, loaded with little treasures and begging to be opened, It just creates all the ‘Santa has been’ magical feels.

Our stores truly are a haven for stocking fillers and we have curated our best all for under $15!


(or you can jump ahead & shop the full 2018 Christmas Stocking Filler Edit collection right here)


Here we go...

  1. We can’t go past our Bath Crayons for the ultimate stocking filler. See what the rave is all about with these vibrant coloured, long lasting crayons. They are specifically designed for use on smooth non porous surfaces like tiles and bathtubs – and the best part is they wash straight off. They help to develop fine motor skills, colour recognition, imaginative and creative play and they are FUN! $9.95 & available here

Tiger Tribe Bath Crayons

  1. Oh let us count the way our Mini Tribe’s can be played with… these will be the most versatile little figurines your little people will own. These themed & compact little boxes are perfect on their own for travel (read best secret weapon to whip out of the handbag on long car trips / when Mama just needs another coffee at brunch) They will also integrate amazingly with any open ended imaginative based toys! Oh and they are dang cute with amazing detail. Choose from the Jungle Tribe or the Flock of Unicorns or Dinosaurs $11.95 & shop them here


  1. For the plain fun and total nostalgia factor, our Slap bands are a bit of a no brainer. Watch your little person be amazed by the simple concept, which we all were OBSESSED with circa 1989. Try not to use it on your own wrist… I dare you! Dinosaur or Unicorn - $4.95 & find them here


  1. Our Super Spy Glasses and Super Spy Camera are perfect for the little detectives in the making! Hone the art of secret sideways surveillance and no one will ever know! Christmas Day antics will be at an all time high with these. Glasses $7.95 Camera $6.95 are here (If you want to complete the detective theme – this Top Secret Missions Set is also a winner!) 

 Tiger Tribe super spy glasses

  1. The sweetest little Chirpy Bird is an old fashioned water whistle that will play the sweetest tune when filled with water. Simple but fun, and not as annoying as a recorder. $9.95 & find them here

 Tiger Tribe chirpy bird whistle

  1. Encourage creative & unstructured play, and aid fine motor development with the shapeshifting Poly Dough. This stuff is FUN and completely mess free, as the little particles stick to themselves. It never dries out & can be moulded into anything the imagination can conjure up. $7.95 & shop it here

 Poly Dough

  1. We love these (non-toxic!!) tattoos for their fun designs & for the peace they will buy you, while the little people figure out how to apply them – thinking at least 15 mins! Enough in the pack for a full sleeve that will last 5 days, and even better they easily come off if you need to attend a fancy event (or school!) $6.95 find them here

 Tiger Tribe tattoos

  1. These amazing themed Torch Projectors feature 24 magical images on 3 separate interchangeable slides. A fun change up to a traditional bed time story, these images will spark curiosity & promote creativity through learning and storytelling. Plus – they make getting the lights off at bedtime just that bit easier. $14.95 available in unicorns, dinosaurs & space & shop them here

 IS gift torch projector

  1. Glow in the Dark Stick Ons are back. Were you even a child of the 90’s if you didn’t have a bedroom ceiling covered in glow in the dark stars? Well they are back – and we have them in unicorns & dinosaurs because #sotheyear2018. Another tool that you can add to your bedtime arsenal disguised as fun. But seriously, they are super fun. $4.95 & find them here

 Glow in the dark dinosaursglow in the dark unicorn

  1. I love the Inflatable animal globe for the equal parts educational & novelty factors. A 30cm soft globe which can be used for indoor play (think balloon style catch & throw) that is also covered in animals and features a list of where on the globe they can be found. $14.95 & shop it here

 Tiger Tribe inflatable globe

  1. These Gel Crayons are brightly coloured, and so smooth they glide across the page with ease – creating bright vivid colours and making colouring in so FUN! Once you colour with these a traditional crayon will just never do again. $11.95 & find them here

 Tiger Tribe Gel Crayons

  1. Foster the art of journaling from a young age, with these fun lockable diaries. Loads of designs & a proper lock & key set up – these will provide loads of holiday entertainment, while perhaps encouraging some writing in the (looooong) summer holidays. There are 8 designs to choose from at $12.95 - shop them here

(also check out these awesome Two Tip Markers – which make the perfect match to the diaries & are also only $11.95)

 Tiger Tribe two tip markers

Shop the full 2018 Christmas Stocking Filler Edit collection here

We hope you love our selections,

The Daisy & Hen Girls xo


Gina Britton


Gina Britton


Gina Britton


Gina Britton


Gina Britton


Gina Britton


Gina Britton


Gina Britton


Gina Britton

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