New Pyjamas for Christmas Eve

New Pyjamas for Christmas Eve

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year and for me it's the Adelaide Christmas Pageant that signifies the start of the season. With the Pageant on this coming week, it's time for us to release the first of our Christmas Gifting guides for 2019: New Pyjamas For Christmas Eve.

I adore this Christmas tradition I've created with my little family. There's just nothing like freshly bathed babes with twinkling eyes, in new fresh PJ's marveling in the wonder and magic of Christmas Eve. For us Christmas Eve is neighbourhood walks to see Christmas Lights followed by a Christmas Movie & a Fruit Platter (& a sparkling wine for me). All done in our new PJ's. They are soft, lush and cosy and of course clean. It feels peaceful & calming to wear them and they look great in photos! And then you get to wake up to the magic of Christmas Day in your new jams (more photos!)
Plus we love a gift that's practical, and new PJ's in December will see you right through Summer.

My team and I have carefully curated our collection of Summer Pyjamas to meet the highest standards of quality, style and value. These are brands we know, love and have road tested.

The comfiest styles made from the lushest, gentlest and most durable fabrics. The Pyjamas & the memories will last far longer than the mince pies.

Wilson + Frenchy 100% Organic Cotton Short Sleeve Pyjama Sets.
These come beautifully packaged in their own matching fabric bag.

These sets are only $34.95 and come in sizes 2-7.

There are loads of options in the baby sizes too, because nothing is cuter than matching babes, especially at Christmas.

Whether you like muted, pastels & monochrome or something a bit brighter and colourful, we have styles to suit your little person.

You can see the full range here.

We know you'll love them 
Gina xo

Gina Britton

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