Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

The saying goes that we only get 18 delicious Summers with our kids, and this is one of them. I would probably argue we get a good few less than that, before they get independent social lives and jobs and basically too cool for us. But the point remains, we get a finite amount of Summers with our little people being little, and I like the reminder  to fully immerse myself in the long days of playgrounds, beach (pool) days, ice creams + hot chips and staying up too late.

There are some things you need every day to just make Summer easier from a practical perspective. Like the tools in your Summer tool kit. I’ve pulled together my fave things for Summer – the essentials that are functional and beautiful and such high quality you’ll be pulling them out again next Summer.

Whether you are beachside, poolside, at home (by choice or by requirement) may your days be magical, restful, restorative and memorable for your little people. 

Gina x

PS - this is a personal photo from this Summer, Henry wears an XL Toshi hat and a size 8 Hux rashie and he's riding our Fam Christmas gift - a SUP! If you have ever thought about one - DO IT! It's been the most fun x


Ok here's my Summer essentials:

A good quality hat: No hat no play - it goes without saying. (It’s no hat no leave the house in Summer for our fam) We stock hats for all the people. From baby legionnaire style flap caps that’ll fit a premmie baby. Which are soft and floppy, with a peak, neck coverage and full adjustment. To broad, wide brim, full coverage hats that fit right up to an adult sized noggins’. Hats that have adjustment around the head, and chin straps to keep them on. We even have an incredible range of swim hats, made from lightweight, quick dry, UV rated swim fabric. Our hats can go in the washing machine, and will last for many seasons or choose a unisex design and pass along through all the littles.

Shop the baby hats here.

Shop the big kid hats here.

Shop the Swim hats here.

Saltwater Sandals – As the name suggests these are literally made for the water! A more perfect Summer sandal does not exist. Soft flexible soles means they are suitable right from pre walking up to big kids and we also have Mama sizes!

Salties come in a range of styles and colours for boys and girls and Mamas. Made from high quality leather, they mould to the foot shape & become softer, with repeated wear and exposure to water. Making them perfect for the beach, splashing in puddles & doing all things kid! Put these on in the morning knowing confidently they will be the perfect shoe for whatever adventures the day brings. Being able to keep them on under the sprinkler, in the creek bed or in the water fountains to avoid bees / sharp things is one of our fave things!

Best of all, you can throw them in the washing machine when they need a clean, thanks to the non-rusting brass buckles and tough, but flexible, soles. Plus they look super cute with socks in Autumn too!

Shop the range here


Swimwear – If you’re a family who spend a lot of time in or near the water, you’ll want some high quality Swimwear that’ll go the distance. Nothing worse than having to replace the cheapies mid season/ Our range is carefully chosen to be bright and FUN, but also super functional. Pieces that won’t fade or lose shape. And that meet the all important UV requirements for safety. Pieces so good, you’ll be looking to pass them along at the end, because they’ll be too good to get rid of.

Our range of swim has personality too! Summer days should be fun and kids will love expressing themselves with the designs and colours! Plus it’s all 30% off right now, so it’s the best time to get some.

Shop baby swim here

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A swim nappy – Further to the range of Swimwear if you have a baby or toddler you NEED a reusable swim nappy or 2. No more buying expensive and disposable throwaway swim nappies! These literally pay for themselves with 1 or 2 packs of the disposables and they are so much better for the environment. Our range from Toshi is the best on the market (we’ve done the legwork). They are made from the same high quality UV rated fabric as the swimwear. They feature lots of adjustment for a snug fit, and are elasticated at the legs for really secure to keep all the things in. Of course they are machine washable too! And they can be mixed and matched with the baby swim wear for the full look. Honestly, you will wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

Shop the Toshi Swim Nappies here


Water play toys: Whether you’re headed to the beach, or the pool – water toys are a fun addition. BUT on a hot day stuck at home for those of us without a pool – they can literally be a life saver! Fill the bath / or head out the back with a clam shell or every plastic storage tub you have and a hose - and let the littles play in the water! Add bath toys, plastic cups, animal figurines and anything else you have.

Water play will stimulate the senses, provide some fun relief to inside activities and it'll cool you all down! Big kids will love being in charge of filling the tubs, especially the having access to the hose bit 😅 (and they can water the garden at the same time!)

Go on, try it - promise it will break up the day. But please be mindful of hoses that have been out in the sun, and make sure an adult turns it on and tests the water temp first to avoid any mishaps.

Shop the water play toys here

A bag for Mama to put it all in: Summer holidays are filled with adventures, and adventures mean packing all the sh*t you need. Why is there always so much stuff?

Who knows the answer, not me. But I know there is a lot of stuff. So you need a good bag to carry it all in! Our practical range of bags, have lots of space and lots of compartments and are basically on trend versions of a Mary Poppins bag. Plus they are functional, look great and are easy to wear (hello backpack for giving us 2 free hands! Although 3 hands would make life easier)

Shop the bags here


A Yumbox for all the snacks. So many snacks. One of the many things you need to put in the bag when heading out. This one needs no explaining. Except that Yumboxes have compartments – so you can split the snacks without having to pack 84 separate containers. 1 Yumbox per kid is a nice way to split it too. They have a seal, so you can include yoghurt and wet, juicy fruit. And at the end of the day you can chuck them in the dishwasher. No fuss.

Shop the Yumbox range here

Summer Pyjamas. Once the day is done and the kids are bathed (probably way later than you would like) there’s nothing as sweet as fresh summer PJ’s. Or maybe you’ve had a lazy one in watching movies, and the PJs have stayed on all day. These days are magical too. And so much better when the PJs are soft, comfy and fit (how did they grow that much since last Summer?) Our Summer PJs are all 30% off too – so there’s no time like now to grab some.

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