Things You Need For Going Back To School (and Kindy and Childcare)

Things You Need For Going Back To School (and Kindy and Childcare)

It’s almost that time of year again, when we prep the little cherubs to start the school / kindy / childcare year. I don’t know how we got here so quickly. I don’t think I am ready to face it. The world feels a bit much. But it’s happening. The school year is returning.

For me, getting sorted is curbing the later than usual bedtime and reinstating morning routines.

It’s getting school lunch stuff sorted, which includes convos with my super fussy boy about what is going to go in the lunch box. And some test runs with the packed lunch box, and the foods and eating them, or attempting to (sensory processing challenged families I see you!) It’s getting a new drink bottle, because holy sheet where the eff have they all gone?

Whether it’s your babe’s first year at Childcare, or you’re a seasoned back to school coordinator. Or maybe you just need a few bits for when you send your little to Nan & Pops for the day. This list will have you sorted.

Wishing you well for the return to routine and all the new adventures ahead for your little people, And don’t forget to exhale and enjoy the quiet and the hot coffee once they’re back.

PS how cute was Henry heading into his first day of school (and how the heck was this 2 years ago?!)



A lunch box. Obviously. But not just any lunchbox. Nude food requirements call for Bento boxes. With 4 or 6 compartments for lots of choice and balance. Which mean your little people are basically having deluxe platters lunch. I want a packed Bento Box for lunch.

Yumbox: The OG and our absolute go to’s. They have a silicone seals for all the compartments, so you can include wet or juicy foods, like dip, yoghurt or watermelon. They are compact but they fit a lot. And they can go in the dishwasher. They come in different sizes, colours and tray configuration (technical lunchbox things) Highly recommend snack boxes for fruit time. And a big one for the lunch stuff. These are plain, inconspicuous (so the older kids won’t mind) and so dang functional – all houses need some.

Shop the Yumboxes here

A NB on Yumboxes. All households need these. They are the ultimate snack transporter. Leaving the house? Pack a yumbox? Multiple kids? A yumbox each – they get their own snack allocations. End of the day – they all go in the dishwasher.

Love Mae Bento Box: A new addition to our range, all the things you love in a Bento box with a fun design! Something a bit spesh if you’re gift buying or have a little, little – who will love the design.

The new Love Mae Bento Boxes are here.


A Backpack: Especially important for childcare & kindy (and days out) You need a back pack that’s big enough to fit lots, but not so big it’s bigger than your child. Our Trixie ones are the best. Colourful and fun designs. Sturdy, functional canvas materials. Practical pockets and compartments. And while functionality is at the heart of these – they are SO CUTE and come with a whole range of matching things – which makes our aesthetic loving hearts happy.


A drink bottle: Insert cute matching combos here. These drink bottles come in 2 sizes and are stainless steel. You can never have too many drink bottles right?


 The Backpacks & Drinkbottles are here.


A hat: Goes without saying – no hat no play! No hat no play - it goes without saying. And your school / kindy / child care centre will have this policy in place. Meaning you need a hat to send the littles. We have an incredible range of broad, wide brim, full coverage hats that fit right up to an adult sized noggins’. These are perfect for the yard, because they have both adjustment around the head and chin straps with a toggle to keep them on. We have plainer block colour styles, and print ones – so whatever the needs (or wants) are we have something that suits. And best bit, these hats can go in the washing machine at the end of the week.


Our range of hats for are here.


Sandals – Navy, tan, black or white. Open toes, closed toes. Old school with socks. We love Saltwater Sandals for school sandals and so will your little (and big people) Saltwater Sandals go right up to a ladies 11, and they are stylish! Which means even your year high school student can wear these as part of their school uniform. Just don’t tell them we called them stylish. That will ensure they immediately will not wear them.

Salties are school shoes, but they are also just dang good sandals – which means they can be worn on the weekends too. Getting double the wear from a ”school” shoe is a win for the minimalists too.

Saltwater Sandals are incredibly functional. Made from high quality leather they will soften over time. Making them comfortable, and durable. They can get wet and heck they can even be washed in the washing machine. Many styles are unisex too – and you will honestly find the quality is such that they last multiple children. Cos per wear on these is next to nothing.

Shop the Salties here:



A childhood journal – Dang these years fly by, and you will be so grateful you took the time to record the moments and the memories. These beautiful journals are unprompted and come boxed. So you can write, add pictures and drawings and use the luxe linen box to store all the important mementos, like invites, clippings and newsletters etc

You can shop them here: