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Ramp Racer


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EverEarthā€™s Ramp Racer lets children experience speedy adventures while developing their motor skills. This colourful wooden racetrack comes with four differently coloured toy cars that whiz over the racetrack, promising endless racing fun for the whole family.

The brightly coloured Ramp Racer promotes visual understanding in particular while strengthening childrenā€™s motor skills. The budding racing drivers will improve their hand-eye coordination by placing the little wooden cars on the racetrack and watching them zip around.

This product trains the following skills in children:

  • Cognitive abilities:Ā A childā€™s logical thinking is fostered by encouraging the child to identify patterns, symmetries and structures when playing. The child starts to understand how things work and can enjoy some of its best experiences when playing.
  • Fine motor skills:Ā This toy stimulates the childā€™s sense of touch and encourages it to grasp, promoting dexterity. Children gain a sense for delicate movements and discover their own hands. Trying things out, inspecting objects and perceiving things with all of their senses help the child develop their senses over the long term.
  • Hand-eye coordination:Ā This toy effectively promotes hand-eye coordination and helps develop the childā€™s motor skills and proprioception. The child learns how to use his or her hands and fingers with greater skill.
  • Social skills:Ā Sharing new experiences and knowledge with others is particularly important in a childā€™s development. Children learn how to resolve conflicts through play and to improve their verbal communication. They deal with everyday observations and roles, and improve their social skills.
  • Stimulating perception:Ā By activating the various senses, children can strengthen their perceptions very early on. This results in curious children who are happy to direct their attention to taking on new challenges.

Our products:

Everearth proudly use FSCĀ®Ā -certified (FSCĀ®Ā C106741), primarily solid wood, and water-based, saliva-proof paint for our wooden toys. All product packaging is made from recycled material, to promote sustainability by creating long-lasting products.

General Information:

Cleaning instructions:Ā To clean the toy, please use mild detergent and water on a damp cloth. Glass cleaners and scouring agents can scratch the surface and damage the toy.

Warning:Ā Some parts or items of packaging may pose a suffocation risk for babies and young children.

Suitable for 3+

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