Dartball - Shark Zone

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Inspired by traditional darts, Tiger Tribe’s Dartball - Shark Zone is a super fun family game of skill.
Perfect for improving hand-eye coordination and concentration skills — Dartball comes with a double sided board with two different designs, hanging loop and three velcro balls for throwing. The game can be played wherever you have space to hang the board.
10 points for landing in the shark’s mouth — players earn points, depending on where their ball lands on the board. Three balls, three throws, three scores. Over time kids develop numeracy and maths skills, as they add up points from each play and each round. 
Great for solo play or a group of friends taking turns. Designed and illustrated in Australia –  it will engage children for hours. 
Each game includes:
• double-sided board (37cm diameter)
• 3 velcro balls (4cm diameter)
Suitable age 3+
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