Saltwater Sandals Mama Sizes Original - Rose Gold

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Saltwater Sandals are the perfect summer sandal!

SIZING: When you select your size from the drop down box - please note we have listed 2 sizes for each pair. Both the US/AUS Women's sizing (first) and then the A sizing (second) e.g. Women's 8 / A6

The A6 refers to the Saltwater sandals unique sizing system (which correlates to an AU Women's 8) & this Anumber is the number you find on the bottom of your current pair of Saltwater Sandals. As with all shoes, sizing can vary slghtly between brands so please check your size against the size guide before purchasing. And of course please contact us if you still aren't sure.

The Originals are the classic style - now available in Mama sizes!

Now you can match with your mini!

Established in 1940, and affectionately known as Salties, Saltwater Sandals have a cult following & it's no surprise why!

Crafted from soft, durable leather they are perfect for the Aussie lifestyle. They are designed to be worn in water and the leather softens up so beautifully.

Best of all, you can throw them in the washing machine when they need a clean, thanks to the non-rusting brass buckles and tough, but flexible, soles.

You love these for your kiddos - and now you can love them for yourself too!

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