Saltwater Sandals Retro - Rose Gold

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Saltwater Sandals are the perfect summer sandal!

The Salt Water Retro is exactly that - a re-discovered gem of a style from the 1970s, featuring the distinctive criss-cross straps that have really stood the test of time.

The Retro style can be found to be narrow across the top of the foot. You can loosen them by simply popping your sandals on, stand in a bucket of cool water for a few minutes and then allow your sandals to dry while you€™re wearing them so that they mould nicely to the shape of your foot.

Established in 1940, and affectionately known as Salties, Saltwater Sandals have a cult following & it's no surprise why!

Crafted from soft, durable leather they are perfect for the Aussie lifestyle and perfect for growing feet.

As the name suggests the Saltwater Sandals are made for water! They mould to the foot shape & become softer, with repeated wear and exposure to water. Making them perfect for the beach, splashing in puddles & doing all things kid!

Best of all, you can throw them in the washing machine when they need a clean, thanks to the non-rusting brass buckles and tough, but flexible, soles.

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