Small Drink in the Box - Blue/Blue

Small Drink in the Box - Blue/Blue

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Meet the Drink in the Box.

-The lid locks in place front and back

- Anti-leak straw valve, leak-proof when close

- Larger drinking straw suitable for smoothies

- Removable lid snaps on and off easily, perfect for deep cleaning

- The straw seal and valve are simple to remove and replace. Replacement parts are available for all models.

A breeze to clean; the seal is easy to remove and replace with notches to guide you. The mouth piece clicks in and out and the thicker straw feels sturdy and comfortable to drink from for any age. The addition of a heart valve in the mouth piece reduces drips when open and the box is leak-proof when closed so you can pop it in your handbag without worrying about leaks.

The clear TritanTM material won't cloud or crack nor will it ding or chip like stainless steel. It's clear as glass without the risk of fracture or the weight of stainless or glass products.

You will love that the durable design is safe for the dishwasher (on the top shelf). In fact, it will still look new after enduring 1500+ dishwasher cycles. That's 3 to 5 years of use!

The joyful colour palate brings delight to the lunchbox and appeals to all ages. You'll find this colourful product makes it convenient to make your own healthy drinks. Reducing the need for a juice box will reduce environmental impact.

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