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Wooden Doctor's Set with Bag


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We adore this vintage styled, perfect child-sized, fabric Doctor's Bag. It comes filled with lots of super interactive wooden medical instruments and bottles. Including a toy stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, blood pressure gauge, ear scope, reflex hammer, scissors and two medicine bottles. 


This beautiful kit promotes role play and will help kiddos learn about an relate to medical care. Watch themusing their imaginations to take care of each other.

Role playing and imitation is such an important component of play and learning and these open ended, life like wooden toys will allow your little person the freedom to explore. They will integrate perfectly with other toys, and will foster imagination, story telling and lots of creativity.

We carefully select wooden toys that are of the highest quality, made with safe and sustainable materials. These toys are made to last, and these are the heirloom pieces that will be played with for generations to come.

Suitable for ages: 3+ years


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