Wooden Toys


      There are countless reasons to choose wooden toys for your little people.

      Wooden toys inspire creativity and imaginative play. They are open ended and ask to be played with. They don't do anything on their own (apart from look beautiful) and you will find that given the choice, children naturally choose toys they can interact with and will use their imaginations to create the fun.

      This type of play will develop cognitive and problem-solving skills. Figuring out the many different ways the toys can be used, and integrating them with their other faves.

      Wooden toys have an amazing natural texture. The tactile nature of them will stimulate your little person's senses and assist with development of sensory pathways. The tactile nature also assists with fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

      We carefully select wooden toys that are of the highest quality, made with safe and sustainable materials. These toys are made to last, and these are the heirloom pieces that will be played with for generations to come.

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