Christmas Gift Guide #1


Don’t freak out but there are 10 weeks left until Christmas.

For the super organised amongst us who know this will flash by, you know it’s go time. But for the chaotic who thrive in the last minute rush, 10 weeks seems like a lifetime.

Which ever way you roll, Christmas is coming and you should take this as sign to get going! We are sharing the best gifts that are here NOW and ready to ship (and that may be long sold out come December when Mariah is on repeat).

And to really convince you to get going, we have FREE luxe linen gift tags for all purchases made online between now & December 1.

3 reasons to start Christmas Shopping now:

1. You have time to shop with intention and without urgency. Choose the gifts you love, rather than choosing only from what is left at the last minute or what you can get in a hurry.

2. You can manage your budget. December is already cray for spending (throw in the cozzie livie crisis and 🤯) so spreading your spend out is key. Buy (at least some) of your gifts now and you won’t have to choose between your nephew's gift and a new Zimi for Christmas day. We can have both!

3. Give yourself the gift of time and smugness in December by knocking it off now and knowing you have bagged the best gifts. Relax and enjoy being present in the festive season, without entering the rat race that is a Westfield 24 hour shop sesh. Ewww

Okies, by now we have convinced you to get on your Christmas shopping horse, so here are our top picks for gifts that are instock and hot now!

Happy shopping, Gina & the team

This year’s hottest new Tiger Tribe arrival is the colourful, fun and educational Bath Xylophone. It floats on the foam base and comes with proper music sheets that will adhere to the side of the bath when wet. Fostering motor skills, self expression and creativity, this makes bath time FUN!

We love everything Tiger Tribe, with great options for all ages from baby to pre-teen. It hits that sweet gift price point and the range is fun, educational and there are no screens in sight.

One of our all time fave educational toys is the Spin Again from Fat Brain. Tactile, vibrant and super captivating - it will teach colours, and patterns and develop gross motor skills. Spin the shapes on and watch them spin off, again and again! A great first Christmas Gift, this is best for 1+.

The Fat Brain toy range is educational, stimulating and super engaging! But most of all they are FUN. If that isn’t enough reason to put them on your list, they also:

- Promote hand-eye coordination, motor skills & early engineering skills

- Encourage sensory learning & tactile development

- Can be used in an open ended way, fostering creativity and imagination

We love the Inny Bin, Spill Again and hiding hedgehog.

Connetix are the best, and all play rooms need them. And the transport set is our top pick from the range for gifting. It has enough tiles for a good build sesh and includes the coveted wheels, and it’s not too big that it’ll blow the budget. Perfect for nieces / nephews or for dipping your toes in with your own kiddos to see if they are worth it (they are!)

Connetix are the strongest, highest quality magnetic tiles you will find. Magnet play is amazing for fine motor skill development and encourages imaginative, creative and open-ended play.

Trust us when we say the Hey Doodle mats are a game-changer. Tactile, reuasble silicone mats (and textas) that will keep your little Picasso’s endlessly entertained, and once they’re done it is super easy to wet wipe clean and start again. The silicone bags make them portable, perfect for planes, cars, and cafes!

The sweetest mini companions, the limited edition Dinky Dinkums are a beautiful keepsake as well as the perfect little tactile first doll. We love these for all ages, but they do make an extra special first Christmas gift. The price point is perfect for a small gift, or a luxe stocking filler too.

They are extra sweet as a set of 6, so we have created a special offer when you buy all 6 too.

A gift that is FUN and practical - the silicone tea set is perfect for water play, mud kitchens, the sand pit, bath time and just good old fashioned tea parties (you can use real food!) Made from 100% food grade silicone, it won’t break, and you can get is dirty as you like! Simply rinse and repeat when the fun is done.

Christmas means Summer school holidays, so we love a gift that doubles as something practical for the Summer months. The backpacks are spacious, water resistant and designed for everyday adventures (and perfect for sleepovers). The sandals are functional and stylish and by Boxing Day these towels will be all your kiddos are wearing! We love that the range can be mixed and matched, and there’s plenty for the big kids too.

Larger than life, these are a gift with the wow factor. Perfect when you want something sentimental and a bit extra special, it will be love at first sight. How adorable would this be sitting under the tree?

If you have a budding artist on your hands, Hey Clay will be right up their ally. From dinosaurs to farm animals, to creepy crawlies there is a set for everyone. Clay sounds messy right? Don’t worry it is non-sticky, nontoxic, and stain-free perfect for your little ones and that new rug you want to protect. We love this gift for the bigger kids to keep them busy during the school holidays.

Let your little one’s imagination run wild! Pretend play has SO many benefits for your kiddos, not only is it a lot of fun but it helps with language development, social skills, self-expression and gives them the opportunity to be creative. We love the astronaut set, Dinosaurs or Tulle Wings.

Sensory bottles are great for little hands and minds! A great tool to help them calm their breathe, self-regulate and improve focus. We love that they are reusable and refillable, all you need is water and you're good to go.

The franksters aren't just your typical water bottles; they're a trusty sidekick for your little one’s adventures! If you’re looking for the best water bottle for kids, look no further, they keep drinks ice cold all day long, and are built tough to withstand any and all escapades.

We couldn’t have a gift guide without our Christmas Jellycats! These limited edition cuties are so sweet, so festive, and so much fun! And you can pull them out year after year, they will become part of your memories and traditions.

We've got the perfect collection of Christmas outfits, to make sure your little one rocks up to Christmas lunch in their freshest outfit. Get into the festive spirit with Huxbaby, Rock your Baby and Halcyon Nights!

And don’t worry we haven’t forgotten the grown-ups! Whether you are thinking about what to add to your own Wishlist or trying to find a present for a special someone, gift the veeery satisfying feeling of a fresh planner for the new year.

So these are our top picks of what is hot and in stock now! If you're an early shopper, we hope this is helpful. And if that's you rushing around on the 23rd Dec - let this be your sign to start now!

The website chat or Insta DMs is where we are at, to help wth your shopping! Let the festive fun begin.