Easter Gift Guide

Easter Gift Guide

Easter is one of my absolute fave times of the year. I just truly love the magic of it. Here I am 5 years ago with Henry, on his first Easter:

Waking early to the delight of your little people, the big Easter Egg hunt and subsequent divvying up of the collected goodies and having chocolate for breakfast.

Now as a school Mum I especially LOVE that Easter coincides with school holidays. It usually represents at least a little bit of downtime for my fam (and I hope for you too) This year we have booked 2 heavenly weeks by the sea, a first for us – but something we have worked so hard to achieve.

I’ve always loved that with Easter, the change of season seems to coincide. By this time of the year I’m hanging for trackies, nanna rugs and couch snuggles. I love eating all the Hot Cross Buns and naturally allll the Easter Eggs and I love eating them as a combo, have you ever tried this? I just love a good hot lunch and some indulgence too.

Easter – what’s not to love right?!

And of course at Easter, I love to spoil my little person. I love the sparkle and wonder in his eyes. In addition to Easter Eggs, for me Easter gifts include some practical things, and a few FUN activity type treats for the holiday period.

I would love to share some of my faves suggestions you…

New PJ’s for Easter With the change of season, Easter is literally the perfect time of the year for some fresh Winter PJ’s. Nothing like those angelic post bath clean faces, freshly combed hair, and bedtimes stories all tucked up in new jammies. Magical. Shop the PJ's here

It wouldn't be Easter without a Jellycat Bunny of course. We love these all year round, but they become just that extra bit special at Easter time. Suitable from birth these make the perfect keepsake first Easter gift. But trust me when I say older kiddos love these equally as much – we watch their eyes light up in the store all the time. Machine washable, with long, soft, floppy ears for holding onto, one Jellycat is just never enough.

I LOVE Easter Eggs as much as anyone, but I do not love the associated sugar high come down so much. There’s no denying the chocolate but I like to disperse the eggs amongst some other small & fun chocolate alternatives. These are the same price as an Easter Egg but are fun, engaging and some are even reusable.

As a basket collector from way back, I love to gift something to use for hunting & gathering, that will be cherished and used over and over again. Our range of baskets, are designed to meet the intrinsic desire of your little people to hunt & gather. Whether that be toys, rocks, leaves or Easter Eggs. These baskets will get a workout on Easter morning but trust me – they will be used for everrrrr!

What’s a better Easter gift, that something that can provide some downtime for the whole family after lunch. We love a puzzle for some serious family fun time. Especially after what is usually a hectic morning – I am all about something that will promote some stillness and use of mental energy.

Perhaps your little person is too young or you just don’t want to give chocolate at all? We have an amazing range of Easter themed toys that make an amazing alternative. Lot’s of perfect first Easter gifts here too. These are toys, that will be played with all year round but just have something about them that makes them a bit Easter-ey.

If like me you are getting away over the Easter holidays, then may I suggest gifting some activity sets? You will thank yourself later when you’re couch side about to pour a wine and you need something to occupy the little people. These portable, compact and fully self contained activity sets will set you up for some peace during the holidays. Especially as it almost always rains at Easter!

And I am going to sneak these in, cos some themed and fun to wear Easter clothes is COOL!

So those are my best picks, I hope I’ve given you some inspo for this Easter.

Wishing you all a safe and magical holiday period.

Gina and the DH girls xo