Easter Gift Guide 2023

We love Jellies and other plush toys all year round, but it wouldn’t be Easter without a Bunny! Jellycat Bashful Bunnies are our go-to at Easter for their ultra-soft fur and cuddliness but we have a huge range of plush toys for your tiny person to love!

Oh the first Easter – such a special time! They might not be running around on the easter egg hunt just yet but there are so many incredible memories to create while they are little.

Fill baby’s Easter Basket with these extra-cozy stuffed animals, rattles and teethers, and so many more gifts to cherish!

Already added Jellycat bunny to your cart and need to pair it with something? Or maybe looking for something to entertain your tiny people at Easter lunch – books are always the answer! We have some incredible bunny and farm themed books as well as activity books your little one will LOVE.

With the weather cooling down by Easter, it makes it the perfect time of year for some fresh winter PJ’s!

There is nothing quite like the pre-Easter night time routine – squeaky clean babe, with freshly combed hair, snuggled in bed in fresh new pyjamas ready to wake up to a glorious easter egg hunt and many more cherished memories! Pure. Magic.

Perhaps your little person is too young for chocolate or you want to gift something a little larger as well? We have an amazing range of Easter themed toys that make a great chocolate alternative gift! These toys will be played with all year round and cherished for years to come.

Rattan hunting baskets – a must for Easter! The perfect container to curate your Easter gifts in, then for to be used for the easter egg hunt. These baskets will keep on giving as well – use them as décor or for your tiny person to collect all their little treasures in.

We LOVE Sun Jellies because they are the perfect bright and fun addition to curate a cute gifting bundle for Easter and then can be used to tote treasures all Easter long-weekend or opt for a larger size and use for day trips to the park or beach! And did we mention how FUN AND COLOURFUL they are (we are going to say it again anyway!)

These small and fun gifts are just that – small and SUPER FUN! They are perfect if you are avoiding gifting chocolate because your tiny person is too young or you know they will end up eating chocolate for months to come after the family gathering. There’s also some excellent activities to keep your tiny person entertained when you are out and about over the long weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Heading away for the long weekend? Browse our fave bags and travel activities to keep your tiny person entertained for the car ride!