Olli Ella Mama Rattan Chari Bag - Natural

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The Olli Ella Rattan Chari Shoulder Bag is such a fave and for good reason!
Now you can get it in Mama size. The most stylish shoulder bag!
Soooo versatile, this beautiful basket / bag can be a zillion different things. Shoulder bag (obvs), backpack, a bike or scooter basket and of course a treasure bag.
Featuring a flip flap lip, a rattan loop on the back for hanging on hooks, removable adjustable canvas loops and a removable adjustable canvas strap with brass hardware for when you want to wear the bag.
This beautiful basket is handwoven in ethical conditions in Vietnam. It is truly made with love.

The detailing is exquisite, the quality is heirloom / keepsake and they are designed to be loved & treasured for many many years.

Weight" 1.0kg

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