Rainbow Lab - Playing with Colour

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Explore the wonderful world of colour with Tiger Tribe’s new STEAM activity set, Rainbow Lab - Playing with Colour. This engaging set includes a vibrant collection of 24 projects and art materials to help you understand and celebrate the importance of colour in our lives.

With every project fact checked and approved by a PhD scientist, Rainbow Lab - Playing with Colour is a unique activity set designed to encourage open-ended play, trial-and-error exploration, teach problem-solving, and allow children to lead their play experience. All projects are intended to help kids apply STEAM principals to the world around them, making maths and science relevant to things they experience everyday. At the same time, integrating the Arts (the “A” in STEAM) with activities that encourage creativity, intuition and imagination.

Start your journey by Understanding Colour — create a Rainbow Shrimp with crayons, learn about the difference between warm/cool and complementary colours, then test your knowledge with the Colour Challenge and Stroop Effect. Investigate with a bunch of Colour Absorption Experiments — transform a plain paper napkin into a rainbow hippie creation with drops of food colouring. Make your own paint palette with an ice cube tray, learning about primary/secondary colours along the way. Then make milk do the tango colour dance and transform white flowers into coloured flowers.

And then explore Colour & Craft — create a cool and colourful paper sculpture called an agamograph, use the enclosed circle pop-out to make a spinning, vanishing rainbow. You can even build your own Thaumatrope — a brilliant optical toy that creates animated movement and demonstrates how our eyes can mix colours too!

Great for solo play or an engaging activity with friends, Rainbow Lab - Playing with Colour encourages hands-on fun and unplugged creative play.

Rainbow Lab - Playing with Colour contains:

  • 24 STEAM experiments
  • 3 x food colouring bottles (yellow, red, blue)
  • 2 x stackable rainbow crayons (8 colours)
  • 1 x white crayon
  • 1 x pencil
  • 1 x paint brush
  • 2x pop out sheets
  • handy storage box
  • Age 7+

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